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Cost to install an A/C unit in Arizona


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Major Factors That Affect Price

Unit’s SEER Rating

A SEER rating will tell you how efficient the AC will be. The higher the efficiency, the lower your monthly bills will be. But it also has a higher up front cost.

Comfort Features

Variable speed blowers, smart thermostats and two-stage compressors can have a huge impact on your comfort level. But again, these come at a higher up front cost.

Unit Size

Every home is different. And every home needs a different size or type of A/C unit. Bigger units will be more expensive while the smaller ones will be less expensive.

Fixing Ductwork Issues

Some homes have leaking air ducts in the attic. These need to be fixed and or repaired before we can install an A/C system so you get the most out of your new unit.

Consider a NEW A/C unit if you see these signs

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